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Are all operating systems available for my dedicated server?

Yes – You can request installation of several Linux systems like (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu) as well as Windows Server versions 2016, 2019, 2022 for free (180 days only).

Is there any minimum contract? Or any hidden fees?

No, our contract term is prepaid so our servers can be deleted at any time during the paid term or you can cancel it at anytime.

How much time we take to setup a dedicated server?

Usually, we provide the server on the same day of your order. But in rare cases or holidays may be some delay which can take more than 48hours after order.

What is our unlimited bandwidth policy?

Customers will notified when the bandwidth used over a one month period is four times higher than the average bandwidth used by other users on the same plan. When the user is notified, we inform him about the best ways to reduce the consumption or we offer him an upgrade. If the user does not follow our advice, Partlix can suspend the service or charge costs if the customer does not comply.

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