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AlwaysON DDoS Protection

We have our own network AS211715 with our custom filtering machines made especially for people like you.


Free weekly backup

We backup all your files outside your service datacenter weekly for free - no more worrying about lost files.


Built for any project

From 2GB RAM to 32GB RAM - we are suitable for any project no matter how big or small you are.


Easy Control Panel

Control everything in your server with our easy control panel even on your phone.


Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

Can I customize my CPU / RAM later?

Yes – Partlix Control Panel allows you to customize your CPU / RAM, but you can't customize your disk space.

Can i use high CPU / RAM use application 24/7?

We do not allow hosting of applications intended to use idle CPU clock time in our VPS Plans, but you can take a look at our Dedicated Servers Plans if you’re looking to host heavy CPU use application.

What Virtualization type we use?

Generally, we use KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) it's a private virtual machine that resides over a physical dedicated computer. Assets are dedicated to the KVM CloudVPS and are not shared on the physical computer with other users, which provides considerable flexibility and performance.

What does unlimited bandwidth fair use means?

Customers will notified when the bandwidth used over a one month period is four times higher than the average bandwidth used by other users on the same package. When the user is notified, we inform him about the best ways to reduce the consumption or we offer him an upgrade. If the user does not follow our advice, Partlix can suspend the service or charge costs if the customer does not comply.

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